62V/0.4A power supply

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I am looking to design a new power supply for our device with universal input and 62V/0.4A output.
The existing approach is using TOP266KG which is working very well but the efficiency does not meed the DoE VI.
I am looking to InnoSwitch-EP series since it can make it synchronous without much of part counts, but the problem is the output voltage cannot be set more than 50V with PI Expert.

The application is for low noise DSL modem which needs to be lower noise power supply.

Is there any solution for above? can I set the output voltage of the InnoSwitch to higher than 50V?
What is the limiting factor for it?


Hi jalal.ziaolhagh,
InnoSwitch-EP FWD pin has only 150V rating. VDS across SRFET will be too high (can reach more than 150V) when the output voltage design is at 62V and it can damage the device.