Issue with EMI filter in DER-507 Design Note

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I've built the power supply using the design note DER-507 and the appropriate resistor divider to have a 3V3 output voltage.
While I was using it in my project, an issue keeps happening again and again. The EMI filter resistors R1 and R2 are burning out even though I am using equivalent resistors as recommended in the design note. The part number I've chosen for R1 and R2 is ERJ-P06J221V.
I am also sending the schematics of my project for inspection. In this case, GNDA is connected to LINE. AC input is 220V/60Hz.
Do you think I need to use resistors with greater power rating?

P.S.: The same question is replicated here but I decided to create a new topic because it is a different issue.

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I thing, the key question is what is the output power of your source?
DER-507 have 35mA for +3,3V it is 120mW, for 40% efficiency is input power under 200mW e.i on 230V current 0.8mA.
Resistor is 220 ohm 0.5W current 0.8mA power lost on resisotr 150uW if resitor is burning out must be current over resitor bigger than I=Sqrt(P/R)= Sqrt(0.5/230)=46.6mA

I thing you have any error in design because input curren is too big, higher than 50mA for 230V AC input voltage. Power input 50mA 230V is 11.5W !!!

Hi victorrsoliveira,
Yes, you might need higher power rating which depends on the current that flows through your resistor. The higher your output power, the more current will flow through your input side.