Which Linkswitch ,s recommended for isolated gate drive supply

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Which Linkswitch is better for isolated multi output gate drive supply (15V)?

LNK625DG (CV only)

LNK6763 (CV and CC)

What is the difference between CV only and CV/CC control?

Which one ist better for muti output 4 secondary windings with each 15V@0.1A?

Best regrads.

Hi r_x_p_u,
Isolation in power supply design depends on your transformer. As long as you are using isolated transformer design for any LNK design, it should work as long as your transformer passed hi-pot testing.
CV is used for power supply design that purposely need a constant output voltage such as adaptors. CV/CC is usually used for chargers wherein there constant output voltage and output current is needed. Ususally, some batteries when discharged have level of 3.3V. Now, when it is connected to a charger, it will pull down the output of the charger to 3.3V and the charger should supply a constant current (CC) in that region.
For multi-output secondary windings, comparing any LNK usually won't result in difference in regulation but take note that four multiple output will result in poor regulation.