DC/DC converter Vin: 70 to 200VDC, Vout: 48VDC, Iout: 100mA (Ta max: 85ºC)

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Dear Mr.Mrs.:
After reading the LNK3206 datasheet, I think it could be suitable for a current design with the following characteristics:
. Vin: 70 to 200VDC
. Vout: 48VDC
. Iout: 100mA
. Ta max: 85ºC

So, please, I would thank your confirmation and an available application note/tool to minimize the risk of malfunction..

Many thanks in advanced


Hi Pere

Thanks for considering Power Integration products.

Power Integration have a online design tool to help designer to design power supply using Power Integration products.
This online tool is called PI Expert Online

PI Expert Online site:

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LNK Application notes and design example site: