Comparing the DER-258 Reference Design with a fully integrated AC/DC module

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We need a small, universal-input inexpensive auxiliary supply which can be shutdown when the main supply (PFC+LLC) is running. It will power the keep the microcontroller running to check for button press and the micro can turn on and off PFC+LLC as needed.

I found this: which looks pretty good for the application, but then I also ran across this from Meanwell and wondered how the two solutions compared. Is there some benefit to using the discrete PI solution above the integrated module?

Thanks in advance for your input,

Hi Cody,

DER-258 offers twice the power (2W), has extensive documentation for electrical data and waveforms, thermal performance and EMI. You can more thoroughly evaluate if the system requirements meet the DER specifications (e.g. in terms of reliability and safety). Furthermore, you can easily modify the power supply to suit your specifications, if needed.