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I am developing a 12 V power supply. The PI Expert design is attached. I would like the design to use a standard transformer that can be purchased off the shelf. How can PI expert be configured so that off the shelf components are used instead of custom inductors, chokes and transformers?

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Hello rf_ee,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations in you design. First, would like to ask what tool did you use to get this schematic? Did you use PI Expert in the Standalone Desktop application or did you access thru PI Expert Online?

Second, it is quite challenging to pick an off-the-shelf transformers for flyback as there are so many factors to consider. My suggestion would be to pick a candidate transformer first, then add a custom model into the Database in PI Expert. Or you may use PI XLS instead of PI Expert. That way, you may manually input the parameters of the transformer you want to use (e.g. Ae, Ve, etc.).

Third, I see that you are using LinkSwitch-XT in your design. If ever, you may also consider using the newer version, LinkSwitch- XT2 (part number: LNK-3604).