Options for 480 VAC applications

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I have a design currently in the field using the INN2904K. This design is for an industrial product that operates from 480 V ac mains. I used the RDR-531 reference design to assist in the design of this product.
I notice that the INN2904K is now marked "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS". The INN3692C is the recommended replacement. When I look at reference designs (for example: DER-745) for this device they are calling out 440 V ac as the maximum voltage.
How long will the INN2904K continue to be available?
Is the INN3692C a viable part for a 480 V ac design?
What are my options moving forward for designs that operate from 480 V mains?


Thank you for the questions.

There is no intention to discontinue INN2904K part. Please consider the message "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS" as recommendation only - to use the newest product.

The DER745 covers specification 90-420Vac and the performance is measured inside the required range of operation. The voltage rating for both parts INN2904K and INN369xC is the same, so everything related to this mater in RDR531 is still valid for the new part.

You obviously done an excellent work reaching production with INN2904K already, I suppose achieving tight balance between voltage stress over the device and other performance parameters. In any case, please use PIExpert to estimate the trade offs when designing for low VOR and try to squeeze the minimum leakage inductance value from your transformer.

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