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Hi every body ,

i m using pi exprest tools to desgin a flyback power supply 24 W 24 V 1A-85 VAC 265 VAC.but when i see the output overload power chart ,i find that the power is more than 24 W.
what should i do to limite the power at 24 W when the input voltage change.


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The Tiny-4 design you are creating is supposed to work in the CV region. The output overload power chart indicates the theoretical maximum power that can be obtained from the converter beyond the desired 24W. Overload power is not guaranteed.

hi ,
thanks for your message,so the ic that i used is top 255 yn,you find attached the detail of my circuit,
so about your response i did not understood what do you mean by ""Overload power is not guaranteed"".

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Instead of designing in the CV region, please design in the CV/CC region by selecting CV/CC under the Specifications->Outputs->Operation Mode from the design tree.

To ensure at least 24W of output power, change KI to 0.87 (or a suitable value) under the PI Device->ILIM/PLIM->External Current Limiting Factor(KI).

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