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Dear Sir

We got +12V 1 amp and -12V 250 mA design

We find that High voltage capacitors are not available even with mouser and element 14

Kindly guide us with value we replace and exact step by step processor of design and reconciliation as design is done by one of your distributor and both os us in process to finallise usable design

Please give us details of India support email ID and contact number

Juzer Gandhi
Raj Overseas
Ahmedabad : 380 001 India
M: +919824471252

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Hello Juzer,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations in your design. Have you tried looking at other distributors? Perhaps you can try octopart.com to easily check availability in other distributors such as digi-key or avnet. If you stiil cannot find, you can use a slightly higher capacitance (like 22uF) but please ensure that the Voltage Rating and Ripple Current rating are equal or higher than the original part.

For element 14, do you mean this part (ELF18N016 6mH 1.6A Common Mode Choke)? If yes, please try looking at other distributors as well. If not available, you can use other part but please ensure that the choke is for Common Mode application, the inductance is near 6mH (a little above or a little below is ok), and the current rating is 1.6A or more.

I will also see if we I can connect you with a Field Applications Engineer in India.