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good, i want to make a 220vac to 5vdc power supply.
5VDC with a current of 0.5 A.

The font I want is as small as the font in the image.

I was thinking of using the abs10 rectifier bridge, and the integrated lm364dn. but still missing more components to make the font.

thank you for help on how to do

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Hi pedroborges,

For your 220VAC to 5VDC power supply with compact size, you might want to consider using LinkSwitch product family of Power Integrations.

We have a reference design for 85 VAC - 265VAC input, 5V / 0.5A output, non-isolated supply using LNK623D that is very compact (1 x 1 inch PCB size) in the link below



thank you very much,
tell me one thing now, can you get me a compact 1 amp 5v power scheme ?

Hi pedroborges,

We also have a reference design for a compact 5V 2A output power supply:
You may also check additional Power Integrations products here in the website that might match your design needs.
LinkSwitch Family: https://ac-dc.power.com/products/linkswitch-family/
TinySwitch Family: https://ac-dc.power.com/products/tinyswitch-family/
All AC-DC Products: https://ac-dc.power.com/products/


thanks, the link sent from the 5 volt 500 ma I found a folder named der-831_gerber.

there is the eagle file from pcb but error opening

Hi pedroborges,
The .brd file in the folder is a PCB layout file, but it was created using a different software - Allegro PCB Designer (not Eagle).
If you want to view only the layout gerber files, you may download "Allegro/OrCAD FREE Physical Viewer" from Cadence website:
If you want to edit the Schematic and PCB file, you would need to have Cadence OrCAD software. Download website is in the link below: