A Innoswitch-pro question.

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these days, I am trying to design a new SMPS model and would like to use the Innoswitch-pro series.

I have known that Innoswitch-pro series can program though I2C with MCU.

However, for my system, the MCU require initial time to send to a command to the Innoswitch-pro.

Therefore, I'd like to know that what happen occurred when the I2C signal is disappeared at the beginning of the system?

Thank you.

Hi JaeHyuk,
There is usually a bus switch between the output capacitors and type C/output connector while using InnoSwitch3-Pro so that the power supply has a dead socket at the output terminals until the I2C command is issued to close the bus switch. However the output capacitor will still come up to 5 V (before the bus switch) independent of the first I2C command being issued or the MCU waking up. The first I2C command should only be sent after reading if the 'system Ready signal' (READ10 bit 14) is set. So to summarize and answer your question there will still be 5 V output at the output capacitors even if the I2C signals are delayed at start up but depending on if a bus switch is used there may or may not be 5 V at the output connector terminals.