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Hi Team
Please have a look on schematic and give you feedback. Following are our requirement
1)Voltage range : 100-300 Vac
2) Current 100mA
3) 2 LED for indicating relay is on or off ( Relay on voltage =150 V Relay cut off volatge =300V)

Basically we are facing following problem
1) Fuse is getting blown
2) LNK is getting blown
3) Some boards Output voltage is equal to input voltage
4) Can't able to understand how we should calculate the zener voltage

Note : Similar configuration with universal supply is working and in production . Only difference is voltage rating of capacitor and capacitance 2) Inrush limit resistance is present after fuse.

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Hi team,
Kindly have a look and update.

Hi abhishekoct18,

As discussed in

try adding the pre load resistor. LNK306 needs a minimum load to ensure output regulation, particularly at no load. I suspect that the output capacitor failed first (because of different voltage rating and/or capacitance).

Feedback circuit (zener, opto) looks ok. Zener voltage + diode drop should be close to the output voltage you want.