LNK306 optocoupler feedback

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Hi Team
We are planning to use LNK306 for making one over voltage protection circuit and driving LED to indicate Over voltage condition. Do you have any reference for same .
1) Please let us know how to select zener diode for optocoupler feedback.
2) How optocoupler feedback is regulating output voltage? Do you have any document which explain procedure in details.


May I recommend that you choose from our LinkSwitch-TN2 family of products. It covers offline non-isolated power supplies with up to 360mA output current. You may go to this link: (https://ac-dc.power.com/products/linkswitch-family/linkswitch-tn2/) for reference.

You will find on the given webpage the datasheet, some example designs and AN70, an application note that is very comprehensive and can help you with designing using a zener diode and optocoupler feedback.


Hi Kobe
Thanks for update .I will go through this will update you if i feel any issue.