LinkSwitch-CV highly accelerated life test (HALT) and FIT data

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Can you provide the FIT data for the LinkSwitch-CV family of devices?

We have some concerns raised from our client we are working with about the long term reliability of these parts.
They have use PI parts in their previous designs and have encountered failures in the HALT test.
I have came across the PCN-16011 about the improvement you have made to the manufacturing process to improve resilience that is dated back in 2016.
The document only references to LNK625, and not any other parts in this LinkSwitch-CV family.
Have you got any further updates regarding this matter and are the other parts now also included?

Many Thanks

Can someone from Power integrations provide some answers to this?

The failure rate for LinkSwitch-CV products is 1.12 FIT at 55C, 0.7eV and 60% confidence.

PCN-16011 was in reference to a passivation change at the wafer fab which produces LNK625 parts, all other parts in the LinkSwitch-CV family are fabricated in another wafer foundry. There have been no relevant process changes in either wafer fab since 2016. Our internal HALT data shows acceptable 1000-hour test data on products from both wafer fabs so your report of long term reliability concerns and HALT test failures is surprising.

If you or your client have ongoing concerns, my recommendation is to contact your PI Sale Rep and open an RMA with respect to the issue so that proper attention can be brought to the matter.