Any suggestions for a Micropower Design?

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1. New at PI and not familiar enough with the product line to know if PI has a switcher that is designed for Pout=< 1W?
2. Also can any PI switcher be externally freq sync'd? This is for a very sensitive acoustic application and externally sync is a must.


Can you provide further information on your low power design Pout < or = 1 W. What is the application? Is it for non-isolated or isolated design? Any specification that you can share with your specific design such as output voltage, output current and etc.

These are additional response regarding your questions:
1. For your 1st question, LinkSwitch-TN2 family of IC provides design examples for power less than 1 W. This family of IC's are for non-isolated off-line power supplies design that supports buck, buck-boost and flyback converter. You can check the following design examples:
1. RDR623 for Low Standby Current Non-Isolated Flyback Power Supply using LinkSwitch-TN2 IC LNK3202D. The design is with peak power of approximately 350 mW.
2. DER507, a 175 mW Constant Voltage Non-Isolated Buck Converter again using LinkSwitch-TN2 LNK3202D.
3. You can also check application note AN-70, for design guide using LinkSwitch-TN2 Family.

2. For your second question regarding to externally frequency sync: 1. What is the application of your design? 2. What range of frequency you want to alter the switching frequency? 3. There are several ways to attenuate or decrease audible noise in power supply. Using our devices gives you lower audible noise and in addition there are lots of guidelines and design notes provided by PI in mitigating audible noise. If you can also provide further information with your project such as its application, electrical specification such as input voltage, output voltage, output current, your target switching frequency and etc.