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I download PI expert but cannot get it to run. It starts the HD is addressed, but nothing else happens. I used the previous version a while back but tried to upgrade to 7.01.can anyone gige me a few hints?

AS a first step I would uninstall any previous versions of PI Expert you have installed.

Then download a complete install from

and then see if that works. Let me know if it doesn't!


I have a similar problem but no older version installed
The install shield wizard starts an then disapears without having instaleld the software


You may try to create an installation log file by starting setup.exe with certain command line parameters:
setup.exe /v"/l*vx \"C:\place for logs\install.log\""

where "place for logs" folder must be created beforehand.

There will be a huge log file created there - try to analyze it, perhaps, you will have to find Error words.

I tried that but I still could not install. I found that I had the same problem with another program. I am going to clean out and format C: drive and start over.

Thanks for your reply.