Frequency Changes in TOP260YN

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I would like some technical assistance regarding the TOP260YN
topswitch. I left a message on the applications hotline at 11:00am EST.
We, Jerome Industries, have six pieces of the above-mentioned part
Whose switching frequencies have dropped significantly (from 66kHz to less than 50kHz) after a burn-in period in one of our power supply models. I would like to know if these six pieces can be returned for analysis (electrical overstress failure and chemical migration/contamination). If possible, I would like to receive a return authorization number.
Also, I'd like to know how to identify and interpret the lot
Number and date code number on the parts. The other two numbers on the parts are J940 and 59368A. Please contact me at 908-353-5700 ext122 or
Yours truly,
John Carcich
Test Eng., Jerome Industries