Expert - Total Peak Power / Continious Power

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I am using PI Expert and want to build a TOPSwitch CC/CV circuit with 13,7V @5A.

But PI Expert is setting Total Peak Power = Continious Power = 73,8W instead of 68,5W as it can be seen attached screenshot.

Is there a bug or something that I am missing ?

Best regards.

It also takes into account the 1 volt drop across current sensing element (CC threshold) which results in power loss. That's why it adds about 5 W.

There is no current sense resistor on PI expert generated schematic.
It is the same when I have choosen CV only.

Could you please give me any other advice ?

And also using so high resistor make sense ? 5W ? What about efficiency.

There can not be simple bug ?


Yeah you are right. There is no support for the CC section for in PI Expert. It only takes into account the extra power it will need to process for the CC circuit and then adjusts the primary inductance accordingly.

It happens when I have choosen CV mode, not CC


Your screenshot shows that you have selected CV/CC selected.

I apoligise for wrong information.
PI Expert was not installed in my home computer.
Its 9:30pm in Turkey now.
I have installed PI expert and checked again.
You are wright. This extra 5W power comes from CC selection.

Lastly could you please help me decrease this 5W to 0.6W ?
Best regards.