transformer in the schematic

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i am sure i will not be able to build the transformer that is shown in my schematic. it is far to complicated.
can i get a ready made transformer from transformer makers? i will need to know the specifications i should give them or alternately from the transformer build details from the schematic will i be able to pick out the off the shelf tranformer myself? again because the specifications are so complicated i cannot see myself doing this.
if the maker of the transformer suggests a transformer it may not be exactly to the specifications given in my schematic. how do i then incorporate their transformer into my schematic? if i can do this do i need to do another optimisation which will presumably change some of the other components in the schematic?
can somebody on the forum help me with this please? i guess otherwise i am just going to have to learn how to build a transformer myself. this will be very time consuming to learn and then to build. in fact it may be the bottleneck that will stop me building a prototype. i see no problems with the rest of the schematic.