DC bus capacitor selection - ripple current

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I am trying to select input capacitor for my design.
But something is confusing me.

I have looked PI documents, design examples and some competitior design for charger circuits.

Selected input capacitor ripple current is not high enough even if I derate it for switching frequency (~ x 1.5) Is it a design error or am I missing something.

For example; in DER-218
Iavg = 1.31A
Ip = 3.55A
Ir = 2.13A
Irms = 1.86A

Selected capacitor EKMX401ELL151ML60S.
I have searched Chemi-Con web site for KMQ, KMH, KMM, KMS, KMV series.

Non of thieir ripple current value was not enough for this design. (Ir = 2.13A)

Could you please help me, what is the point I am missing ?

Best regards.