36V 100W street lighting Design

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I want a 36V/100W street lighting design, need your help , thks!

I assume you are looking for a street lighting with good power factor.

We have a reference design DER 212 for street lighting. This is a two stage converter in high efficiency. Use this reference if the output current ripple requirement is very tight. The whole document is at our website. You can even download the gerber file for PCB fabrication.

For a much simpler design you can use Linkwithch-PH (LNK419) in two. Refer to the attached schematic for reference. This is a 150W design but you can trim it down according to your application. Please download the spreadsheet for designing the transformer and for trimming the output current and output power. http://www.powerint.com/en/pi-expert-download


Hi Pi-Jono,

If this design is for about 150W, is it possible to have about 75W from single lnk419?

And could you put the sugested schematic in a more high resolution ?



Hi Andre,
Yes you can have a 75W in a single rail using LNK420. A reference design at this level will be available in our website and you might be able to buy the sample board in the market. The reference design will be released as RD290.

While waiting for this reference I can send you the schematic and some data so that you can take a look for review.


Hy PI-Jono

Thanks for this new design for 75W.

You mean lnk 419?
Or lnk420 will be a new device?


lnk410/420 is new device. Its already included on the LinkSwitch-PH datasheet.

as the schematics, have open circuit and short circuit features?
Why we need R20=100Ohm? if remove R20, it can run?

Hi PI-Jono,
Thank you for posting the reference design for LNK410.
May I ask if LNK410/LNK420 flyback design are included in the latest release of PIXLS design software?

If available, can you help share the excel format of PIXLS computation of RD290 xformer?
I'm currently designing 60W-LED driver (low line, 51.20Vdc/1.15A), I just want to have a reference if I can still use PQ2625 core size using LNK410EG.


The latest released version of PI Expert, version 8.6, includes LNK410/420 flyback design.

Attached is the excel format PIXL of 51.2V/1.15A using PQ2625 for your reference.

Hi PI-Skywalker, PI-Jono,
I have installed the new PIXls version, thank you so much for your help and for sharing the computations, this is exactly what I need.
Best regards,