DER 304 changes

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I am looking to use der304 for a few applications:
output of 38V @ 130ma

output of 57V @ 130ma
output of 38V @ 260ma

would these values be possible in the package size of DER304. I am looking for a starting point for each schematic/gerber and transformer designs. Thanks

It is possible to design a 38V @ 130mA non-dimming LED driver with the same package size as DER-304 and you may use this design as a starting point.

However, since the other two have higher power requirements, you need to put larger input filters (e.g. larger input inductors to avoid saturation) in order to pass EMI. Given the small board size used in DER-304, it would be tough to maintain the same board size, especially for the 38V, 260mA design, which is twice the power of DER-304 design.

Thanks for the reply.
I have been looking at other designs for the 2 higher power level Drivers. For DER 304 I have revised what I need to do and 48V output is fine, I just need to raise the output current to 120 or 130mA. Would this require many changes. Is this Going to effect the EMI too much? can I just adjust current sense resistor?

I am a little concerned about the inductor design using EE10 because it is already at the flux density limit. You can still try however, and check its performance.
Alternatively, you can try to change from buck-boost to buck topology and can use EE10. I attached a sample spreadsheet but please use the PIXLs designer if you want to modify the parameters.