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what is surge? How to protect LED driver from surge for street light applications?


The engineering report of DER-286 shows 2.5 kV differentail fast surge protection with either 10 uF peak input voltage sense capacitor or active surge protection circuit.

Surge pulses occur due to direct or indirect lightning strokes to an external (outdoor) circuit. This leads to currents or electromagnetic fields causing high voltage or current transients. Another source for surge pulses are switching transients originating from switching disturbances and systems faults. Due to the characteristic of the phenomenon nearly every electrical and electronical device may suffer from such lightning events which justifies the necessity of surge tests being widely performed. Surge voltage can reach several thousands of volts and surge current is seen to reach several thousands of amps.

Please refer to DER-284 for 2.5KV surge protection circuit of LED driver using LinkSwitch-PH.