no enough current in my LED Driver

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Dear Forum Hi

I build a LED driver for 18 LED  1watt with TNY 278 (schematic  enclosed )  i design my transformmer for 330MA but my circuit only provide 150MA the no load volLED drivertage is 67 volt and aftyer connect it to 18 LED vlotage drop to 56 volt also my circuit include feedback current , please help my in this issue.




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The phase of the primary side transformer is wrong.

The dot should be located on pin #3 to be a flyback converter transformer.

Thank you for attention I corrected phase of transformer according of PI expert software  recommendation that enclosed but i can not to take suitable current, do u have any suitable confige of Constant Current LED Driver Schematic that wotk with TNY serie?



DER -173 and DI-130 are the reference designs of LED driver using TinySwitch.

We have recommended to use LinkSwitch - PH / PL for LED driver lately, and they provide high power factor, high efficient LED driver.

There are many design examples of LED driver using LinkSwitch-PH in Design Support, and DER-195 is universal input 15 W LED driver using LNK409