Problems with project LNK306

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I am developing a driver for LED using LNK306 ridden this circuit which is attached and does not work, the LNK306 is resetting, I followed step by step the datasheet and PIXIs Design and is not working, I am attaching the schematic electrical, I am in a wait for help.


Input min: 85VAC

Input máx: 250 VAC

Frequency: 60HZ

CIN: 22uF




Output: 12VDC

IOUT: 350mA



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Murilo Dyple

Try removing the cap across the 12k resistor.

I've done this test and the problem persists

Can you send me your PIXLS design file. Do you encounter any warnings?

yes I just could not attach the file passes me his email that I forward all the documentation I have on the project.

Pls forward your PIXls design. There is a file attachment section on this site that will enable you to attach your design.


I dont see anything wrong with the design and schematic. One possibility that it doesnt start-up is that IFB is not getting enough current.

Check whethet the 10uF cap after 1n4005 is being charged to the output voltage. If not, you might have some cold solder in there or busted component.

Other thing you can try is to reduce the load say to 50% and see whether it starts. If not, that means you have an open connection.