COB LEDs Driver

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Dear Forum


 I want to design a LED driver for COB LED  in 30 volt and 1 A(30 watt power) with TNY 280,the COB LED's use in Projector application (the cob led image enclosed), the one COB LED use in a projector for use. if i design my circut with PI expert software and in CV mode , it is suffient for Driving COB LED? or i should be change my driver and add current feedback for COB LED drivring?

if i use CV mode for this issue , do current of source exceed from maximum current that PI Expert cosider for driver?

if any have a sample for COB LED with Powerint IC's Please guide me.



I suggest you use LinkSwitch-PH on your design. It is a single-stage, power-factor corrected, constant-current LED driver.

There are tons of available Reference Designs using LinkSwitch-PH you can look at but please check DER-286 which is a 30V, 1A design.