eSIP-7C 3D Model

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I am looking for a 3D solid model for the TOP265EG which is in the eSIP-7C (E Package).  Is there some where I can find a database of 3D models?




We don't provide 3D models of our IC's.  The reason for this is that there are several different 3D model conventions and it would be hard to maintain support for all of these. 


However, if you look on the IC package information section of the datasheet, all the physical dimensions and tolerances are availabe.  It should be fairly straightforward for an ME with a 3D CAD program at your company to put together the physcial model of the IC.


-The Traveler

Hello Pi-Traveler, have you change your mind since 2012?

We want to use the LNK6775E flyback controller for an acdc power supply and, in order to be sure of our heatsink/clip solution, we want to model it with SolidWorks.

If so, please, it woud be fantastic if you could send me a step file.

Thanks in advance.


Sergio Castillo - Electronic Engineer in Indra Systems, Spain. (

Hi Sergio,

Thank you continuing to choose Power Integrations.

We do not have 3D models for LinkswitchHP. I suggest that you create the solidworks model based on the mechanical drawings included in the datasheet.