Linkswitch PH BUCK mode

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I am using 8.6 PIxls for DER341 it shows  !!! Warning. IFB is too low. Use larger device for the device LNK407EG or higher

need help on this is it a software issue !

Yes there was a bug in the Linkswitch-PH Buck spreadsheet. We have corrected this and the patch is due to roll out around Nov 13th.

In the meantime if you send me your specs or better still, attach the old (problematic) PIXls file I can run the same design through the corrected version of spreadsheet and send it back to you.



We need spreadsheet for the following for DER-341 with bias winding or RDR-257

1.Input 170v to 270V AC O/P 19V 700mA LNK313EG

2.Input 170v to 270V AC O/P 72V 169mA LNK316EG