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Hi Forum


I build a LED Driver in Adapter status with TNY280 Dip Package, i need to select  a Box that Protect My board from Humidity and shake , Can I use aluminum Box and fill it with resin ? if i use this solution, do Heat Transfer occure properly?

do have any recommendation for select BOX with PI company?


please guide me in this issue.



Most LED driver on the market are potted  with encapsulant materials like silicone based elastomer.  This improves thermal performance and will definitely solve humidity and vibration related problems. I  used Sylgard 170 before on one of our projects and gives a big reduction in device temperatures. 

Dear Sir

Thank you for your guide, but sylgard 170 is  expensive, do have any similar potting compound that cheaper than sylgard 170 that can use in LED Driver BOX?



Try to look at potting compunds section in farnell or other online site, other people use QSIL-553 but I havent use it before so i cant tell you the performance.

Dear Forum

I can not find,Sylgard170 or QSIL553 in my country, but i found polyurethane elastomer , can I use polyurethane elastomer for filling LED Driver BOX?



You can compare the specs or contact the manufacturer to be sure.