der286 transformer design

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   In the DER286 transformer design spread sheet, secondary wire gauge is mentioned as 24awg(rounded upto next larger standard awg value). But in electrical diagram secondary is shown as 2x24 TIW.  Similarly in primary side spread sheet mention 29awg but electrical diagram shows 27awg! Kindly explain how to use correct size wire.



The spreadsheet will recommend a minimum wire gauge to have a minimum CMA of 200 as long as the layers and bobbin width permits it. This is true for both primary and secondary winding. During the project development, these wires can be inctreased or decreased(if CMA is too high) for optimization. In case of DER-286, for improving efficiency, the CMA for both primary and secondary were increased to have better efficiency and since transformer still alows these wires to fit the bobbin.