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We are looking to possibly impliment the LNK460KG for a T8 flourescent fixture.  Your DER337 design is almost an exact fit except for one minor problem, we need a truly universal input range of 80-277VAC, 50-60hz.  Is there a simple solution to extending the input voltage down to the lower voltages?  I have seen circuits implimenting valley-fill methods on the input side -  would something of this nature work?  I haven't been able to download the new software for some reason, so I can't put in any data for this device.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

DER-337 uses Buck Topology. For an 85 V output, it is not possible to operate down to 80V. You may use buck-boost topology instead but you need to check in the design spreadsheet if LNK-PL can still meet your requirements. Otherwise, I suggest LinkSwitch-PH in buck-boost for an 85V output.

Please try to download the PIExpert Software to help you in the design.

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Would it work if the output had to be 45v@400mA?   After downloading 8.6, I still can't find this device.



If you already have PIExpert 8.6, please navigate to Power Integrations Folder and select PIXLS Designer 8. Create a new design and you can choose various PI devices and topologies for the design.

Please consider using  LNK-PH operating at buck-boost topology.


The link below is for you to find similar projects as reference.