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Hi can anybody, please, explain the ALG value for me as given in this PIEXPERT desing?

Core specified as gapped to ALG of 332nH/T2, with Np=31 yields Lp= 319uH, Nominal primary inductance is then given as 339uH, and under schematic page transformer propeties third value is given of 305uH. We found by measurement that Lp=305uH works well, does it mean that the core should be gapped to ALG of 317nH/T2 rather then 332nH/T2? Why then discrepency in the PIEXPERT file or am I missing something? Thanks very much.

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PI Expert uses non-integer primary turns within the ALG calculation. That is the reason for the discrepancy you are seeing I think. The LP value should be the main guideline for your transformer manufacturer.


For any reason I can't seem to open your file, but I believe this should explain the issue you saw.