IC selection for 80W LED driver design

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Hi ,


I want to drive 80W led and for the i am looking for right IC from your website.

I found LinkSwitch-PH is look like the exact match but it only support 78W maximum but not the 80W design.


Any one have idea which IC can i use to active 80W design ? 

I need to support following specification for 80W LED driver:


1. Max - Min Input Supply: 85 - 265 Vac (Normal Operating Voltage 230 Vac)

2. Max - Min output Voltage: 30 - 38 Vdc (Normal Operating Voltage 35 Vdc)

3. Max Load current: 2.30 Amp

4. Isolated Design (Flyback PFC if possible)

5. Efficency : > 80%

6. PFC: > 0.90

7. OVP, OCP, SCP protection

8. CC, CV design

9. PWM dimming


I want to support above specification with driver.

Which IC is the best mach for the above speicification ?


Thanks in advance for any responce.




You may be able to push LinkSwitch-PH to 80W (need to verify with PIXLS).

However, LNK-PH does not support CV mode operation.