key differences between Link Switchs, Tiny Switchs, and TOP Switchs

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I want to design a SMPS for LED driver, and its cost is important for me, also in my country Link Switchs which are specified for LED drivers, are not available. So I want to know what are the key differences (in this application) between Link Switchs, Tiny Switchs, and TOP Switchs? As all off them are used as SMPS.


 Thanks for your help.

LinkSwitch-PH, LYTSwitch, and LinkSwitch-PL are for constant current LED driver applications with PF requirements of >0.9. Aside from the PF, the major difference is the power requirement of the application, but all of them can be used as LED drivers. Pls refer to the datasheets and application notes for each family available on PI website.

You mentioned other PI products are not available on your country, may I know which country you were from?

Thanks for your consideration

In my country because of sanctions many electronic devices hardly can be supplied. Our government behavior isn't our fault but we have to endure and suffer from powerfull countries decisions about sanctions, which haven't worked yet. I think you can guess my country name.
I have to design considering the ICs' market availability.
Anyway thank you again.