Linkswitch-PL and DC input voltage

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I have to know that the family linkswitch-PL can work properly with DC voltage on input of PSU?

I couldn't find the answere for my question. My psu have to work with universal 195-265Vac, but sometimes it have to work as emergency lighting. When this situation is present, the voltage on the PSU input will be 230Vdc.

Please tell me if I could use this family with DC input voltage.

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Hi TS,

LinkSwitch-PL family is not designed for DC input.   It will enter to auto-restart mode.

 An alternative part would be LinkSwitch-TN.  Please provide us the basic specification for us to check.




Output LED: 12V, 0.45A

The PSU should work in two modes:

1. 230Vac input voltage. In that mode the PSU should cooperate with TRIAC dimmers.

2. 230Vdc input voltage. (without dimmer).


Do you have any suggestions? Which LED driver should I use?

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Hi TS,

The suitable reference for your application is:

It is secondary close loop which will force to regulate even with a DC input.  The reference is a dimmable and follow the circuit description in the report for more details. 

Use the PH-spreadsheet for your transformer design.  The transformer design calculator can be downloaded in this link: