need design review.

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Dear Sir ,

we need your help for review the attched design .

we are making low cost led driver using tny278PN IC . 

please let  us konw if any thing is wrong . 


hope for favable reply .


with regards , 


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TinySwitch-III_PIDesign3.uds219 KB

I dont see any possible problem except that you need to check the worst case VDS of the device once you've powered up the unit.

Dear Sir,

i have power up the circuit , but we are getting 440mA current in output but we need 350mA . 


please let me konw how we can control the current . 

also after 5 sec operation leds are start blinking . 

please help us . 

 with regards , 


smit . 


Pls attach the schematic of your board w values