Meaning of transformer ALG

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The PI expert software transformer construction info states the following:


 Core: EE22, NC-2H (Nicera) or Equivalent, gapped for ALG of 79 nH/T²


Could someone explain what ALG means? Is this supposed to be the Al (inductance index)? I ususally see that expressed in mH/1000 turns.


Also, how do I calculate the tolerance for that ALG value?


Many thanks! 

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ALG isthe ungapped inductance of the core (which is usuallly a lot higher than what you want to design for) - Its related to the AL value of the core. You need to then add a gap to get the core to get the inductance to its desired values.

From a design point of view you are really interested in getting the desired inductance - the gap (LG) and the ungapped inductance of core (ALG) is not that important. This is also why the toleranc of the ALG is not that important. You should specify the tolerance of the primary(magnetizing) inductance instead.