Version 9 doesn't adjust for minimum input voltage

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In version 8, as I increase the VACMIN specification in PIXls Designer, the specified inductance goes down.

For example, in the three ver 8 files attached, I changed only VACMIN, and got different LP specifications, as follows:

VACMIN = 85V    LP = 969 uH

VACMIN = 93V    LP = 863 uH

VACMIN = 100V  LP = 834 uH


If I then try the same thing in version 9, I find that as I raise VACMIN above 93V, the specified LP does not change.

VACMIN = 85V    LP = 872 uH

VACMIN = 93V    LP = 801 uH

VACMIN = 100V  LP = 801 uH (same as 93V value)


(Note that with VACMIN=85V, the LP value in version 9 is 10% lower than that in version 8.  With VACMIN=100V, the LP in version 9, is only 4% lower than the ver 8 value.)