LinkSwitch-PH CC-out

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From where have Linkswitch-PH information about constant current which I want to have on output ? If I have some driver with output current for example 350mA and I want to change it to 300mA, which component values I must change ? From where have this IC information about zero crosing/shape of line voltage ? Sensing of Drain voltage ?


From V pin IC knows only peak value of line voltage  and by resistors/current to this pin I can set up only under and over voltage protection. Right ?


And current to FB pin is only convertet output voltage/aux. winding voltage, so it is only output voltage feedback.

Where is output current feedback and how it works ? How is this IC able to keep output current constant ? I am not able to find this information in datasheet or application note.


Thanks for answers.


The V-pin measures input voltage information, the FB pin measures the output voltage information, and the drain current is used to measure the average input current. From these info into the IC, the output current is determined. If you are designing with LinkSwitch-PH using PIXLS, changing RFB and RV has an effect on output current.