Need support on 3W LED driver

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I need to design an LED driver for 3W power output. It should take universal power from 90VAC to 240VAC. So please help me which IC to be used and I am finding difficulty in getting transformer. So it will be better if you suggest a transformer also for the same design. If i get it directly from digikey or with your vendor Prismatic engineering then it will be more useful.



Nanda Kumar M


Arrange the LED such as the total LED voltage is close to some of the reference designs built so that you can direclty use it. 

Below is the reference that you can use.  This will work from 90V to 265Vac though it is optimized at high line.

For Dimmable:

For non-PF application you can use this reference:

By the way, this is the link for parametric search for reference design: