LED Driver

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Dear Sir,


I have new project for the LED driver.


Input voltage: 85Vac-265Vac (No Drimming and no need power factor)

Output Voltage: 18V/220mA

Isolation and need EMC requiement.

LED Spec

VF = 3V, Current 110mA, LED sereies 6pcs and have 2 loops that mean LED total 12pcs.


Could I use LNK604PG for this LED driver?

Please suggestion circuit solution for this project.

I hope you will feedback to me as soon.


Best Regards,


You can use PIXLS Designer 9 to design your circuit based on LinkSwitch-II.


Please also check DER-261 or DER-351 and use them as reference designs. 

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your sugession. 

Please help me for review the transformer spec (as attached file).

Best Regards,


Extra bias windings is not required. Please review the spreadsheet and design the transformer without additional bias windings. Try to use default parameter for NFB and if you read the remarks for "Add Bias Winding" or "VB" parameters, it will tell you if you need bias winding or not. The sample designs I mentioned don't use extra windings.