LNK410EG problem

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We’ve designed a driver using LNK410EG (the file of the design is attached). For it to regulate the current directly we had to change the R17 from 150 Kohms to 205 Kohms. With this value it regulates 2A between 22 and 50 V. The problem is that it does not dimmerize, when tension falls below 22V it shuts down and does not work. We’ve tried with different charges, for examples, array of leds of 24V 2A and 48V 2A and in all cases below 22V the driver shuts down. All components are within the values and we’ve tried to build the transformer with different materials but with the same results.Could you tells what may be wrong or what could be the problem?Thank you

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I'm not sure I understand your problem... The LED load is a CV load so it shuts down below a certain terminal voltage... not sure this has anything to do with dimming.

When you change the output voltage the constant current driver will try to maintain the same current regardless of the LED voltage.

To see dimming you need to  dim the input and see the average output current...