der-345 PIXIs designer problem

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Hi, I have few questions.

1. In Pixis designer I want to change der-345 low-line 20W design to 8W with no change of output voltage.

But when I choose LinkSwitch-PL-Buck-Boost I can't choose core type to "fixed inductor" like on datasheet

and I can't change LP parameter. Do anyone know how I can change LP parameter?

2. Can I use two low-line designed lamps connected in serial with AC220?





1. The LNK-PL buck boost configuration does not allow you to change the inductance value for buck boost or flyback (basically both are the same topology). That is the fixed inductor that the datasheet discusses I think (I couldn't find the exact paragraph you mention).


2. Making the assumption that there is no ground connection anywhere. The issue with using two low line power supplies in series is that I don't think you will be able to match properly the impedances in order to get evenly distributed voltages on both supplies. In theory this would work, but I can't see how it would work in a mass production environment.