LNK304 input voltage clarification request

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I'm requesting clarification on the LNK302/304-306 datasheet.  There is a table showing a 50V minimum supply voltage but there is no Condition specified. We are a manufacturer with a customer who would like to use LNK304 below 50V with a load of 5mA to 10mA.  The product works on the test bench operating from 12VAC to 277VAC.  We are concerned that we may buy a large quantity of chips and they will not work in our customer's range and will be responsible for the cost.  We are asking that you please verify the operating conditions for the LNK304.  In what voltage/amp ranges can you not guarantee that the product will work (assuming an adequate design and supporting parts)? Where do you consider your liability to end, for example, if we get a batch of chips in that do not operate below 24V could we return them for new chips?


Thank you for your assistance as we try to communicate clearly with all parties involved.


The tap current through the drain to supply the BP pin at the specified operating temperature requires a minimum voltage across the drain to source pin of 50V.  There is a way to guarantee its operation down to 12VAC by providing extra current on the BP pin as illustrated in this example.  Follow same concept to supply the BP pin.