led driver topology ???

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i have circuit. first iC name plate is not clear so i cant read IC name but i assume it from TNY263-268 due to same packaging . second :the topology of this circuit i consider it flyback but it seem not . this circuit drawn from tracks of pcb (reverse engineering) . so i want to know 1-the behavior of this circuit?? 2-if we consider IC is TNY268 can i remove the optocoupler circuit (in the datasheet example) and connect EN\UV pin to GND??as i want to make simple led driver with less component. pic of circuit:http://www.edaboard.com/attachments/97572d1382408828-made-china3.png

It looks to be a tapped-buck design but it doesn't look to be TinySwitch (It could be LNK-TN). You need EN/UV for TNY268 because it provides the feedback. If you need a low-cost, non-isolated solution, please check  LYTSwitch-0.