DER-364 for the European Market

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Dear Technical support,

I am not yet familia ,how to modify PI-designs, especially the DER-364, because of its fast start-up time <200 msec.

Please tell me what components I have to change, if I want to use this design also at an input voltage of 190-265VAC.

With your direct help, or show me the way how I can do by myself.

For your information; I have some experience with PI expert, but till now only to get the specification of a modified flyback transformer..


Best Regards

FDS projects

Laurens Fridael (Mr.)



The PIXLS spreadsheet for buck/tapped-buck using LYTSwitch will be included in the next release of PIExpert Suite. For now, you can seek help from your local FAE if you want to modify some parameters from a given DER.


For high-line design, please refer to DER-365 which has the same spec as DER-364 but is designed for high-line applications. It is however uses tapped-buck topology instead of buck. 

I want to advise a Chnese manufacturer to use PI deigns, but have to be sure first that the same design also can be used for the  EU  195-265VAC market.


If you are not able to support me directly, nothing else I can do now than waiting on the new release of PIExpert suite.

Why should a local FAE take effort in me, if he can't have the profit of that support?


Yes  I had seen your DER-365 already days ago.

The longer start-up time of <300 msec  of the DER-365 compared to the <200 msec of the DER-364, is the only reason of this support request.

Best Regards

Laurens Fridael



I don't advise modifying DER-364 to work at high-line because the dedicated high-line parts are coming.  


The devices are not yet released but you may request samples through the appropriate Sales office.


 If you think your local FAE can't help you, try channeling your request to the Sales HQ so that the right FAE can support you.