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We have problem about LED Blinking. Please see detail below.

We make sample LED 32W (80Vdc/340mA) by adjust circuit follow DER285>>see schematic in attached file.

LED have been installed by connect AC Line 220V phase to phase, LED is Blinking. >>see connection in attached file

If, LED connect by AC Line 220V phase to N, LED not Blinking.

So, LED Blinking caused from circuit or AC Line 220V phase to phase.


Please suggest about LED Blinking caused. Thank you very much.




Thank You & Best Regards,


Chalong Khunsumrid 

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I'm not sre of the major difference if you connect it from phase to phase or phase to neutral. If it receives the same ac voltage between its input, it should have the same performance. What you can do is check the cause of malfunction on the other connection. Blinking can be associated with the IFB current hitting the IFBAR of the device causing it to skip cycles, pls verify that this is the case with the bad connection.