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Hello!I need to design a LED Driver for high power.We will set up a lamp with four LED manufacturer CREE.Each LED will consume 1.5 A at a voltage of 37V, we feed the independent Leds, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ie, we need a driver with four outputs 37V / 1.5A 222W dimmable total, if possible.Any suggestions?Thank you!


Please refer link for reference, this is a two rail design but you can easily convert to four rail design. http://www.powerint.com/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/der291.pdf

You can easily convert the design to dimming by adding a RC bleeder (510 ohms and 220nF) and active damper to limit the inrush current during TRIAC dimming. Follow the concept from this reference: http://www.powerint.com/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/rdr195.pdf