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  I'm Mr.Supat Matura. I'm worked at a W.I.P. ELECTRIC CO.,LTD  (  Thailand )

We used PI  Almost every product. We want Circuit design  LED Driver for T8.  Please help us with design.


Non Isolate (Low cost)

Input voltage = 90-265 VAC 50/60Hz.

Output voltage = 72VDC / 230 mA.

PFC  = >0.9

Efficiency = 87-90%


Primary-side over current protection

Over-voltage protection

Short -circuit protection

Over-temperature protection 


 Thank you

Best Regards

Mr.Supat Matura 


 Hi Sumat,


Thanks for using PI products.


 For your design, you can use LinkSwitch-PH. The closest available DER that I found in the database is DER-256 but it's isolated. You can convert the design to buck-boost for non-isolated design.Please use PIXLS spreadsheet which is part of PIExpert Suite to make preliminary design and I suggest that you contact the local FAE to support your project. The address of the nearest Sales Office is given below: 


Let me know if you trouble contacting them.



51 Newton Road
#19-01/05 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore, 308900
Cust. Svc: +65-6356-4480
FAX: +65-6358-2015
E-mail: singaporesales@powerint.com


Hello Mr.Supat Matura,

Did you already take a look at the DER-337?

It looks perfect for you.