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Hello guys,

My team and I have been trying to build the Low Profile T8 (<10 mm), 23 W, Isolated,Power Factor Corrected (PF >0.9), LED Driver Using LinkSwitchTM-PH LNK419EG but we've been having some trouble.

First of all we cant seem to get all the components.

Components for the Heat Sink assembly, The Common mode inductor and Transformer have been hard to come by.

Please can anyone help with a website i can acquire these componets or a shop that does delivery service so i can start construction.

Also the does the load have to the T8 tube bulb ? Can I use a 50v contructed string of LEDS as the load,

I would really appreciate if someone assisted in te step by step construction of this driver with us.


Thank you,



For the heatsink components and CMC choke, the parts description are shown in the report. Please look for local or online component vendors such digikey, alibaba, etc. We buy mechanical components at I am just not sure if they can ship to your location.

For the transformer EDR-3909, you may contact or email them at


For the LED load, you can use multiple LED string to get 50V output if you just want to test the design.


Lastly, I recommend that you contact the local Sales/ FAE representative to help you on your project.